About The Issues Brian Close For UA City Council

I am running for Upper Arlington City Council to be an independent voice representing you.  I believe the following issues are fundamental to our community’s future and I promise to focus on these issues if elected:

  • Infrastructure – Our city’s roads, sewers, and parks are the literal bedrock of our community.  As we approach our community’s Centennial, many of our community’s bones are showing their age.  I vow that I will keep our city leadership focused on repairing and replacing our aging infrastructure and will provide prudent oversight of our city’s spending on these projects.
  • Smart and Thoughtful Development – As a landlocked community, we need to make wise decisions regarding development.  I believe we should have high expectations for any development to fit the character of our community, provide a substantial tax return to the city, and be in line with neighborhood and community standards.
  • Bringing Civility Back – Over the last year or so, I’ve had a lot of friends ask “what is going on in UA?”.  With an unprecedented recall election, contentious public meetings, and impolite social media exchanges,  our community seems a little less friendly.  We need to come together to solve problems and that means everyone needs to feel respected as part of the process.  We all love Upper Arlington and want the best for our community and so while our opinions may sometimes differ as to how to accomplish what’s best for the community, we all need to work together and understand each other’s positions.   Our city leadership and those who have opposed them need to find a way to work with each other in a civil manner and I promise that I will be a civil voice for this community.

I welcome your opinion and would love to hear from you about the issues you feel are important for our community.  Please e-mail at