Unfinished Business:

It has been my pleasure to serve on Upper Arlington City Council for the last four years.  Like you, my wife Jorie and I chose Upper Arlington as the place to live and raise our family.  For over 100 years, Upper Arlington has been a place where the schools and city are unified in one single community, where the citizens are educated, involved and serve one another, and where the streets, parks, shops, churches and restaurants are accessible by foot, scooter, bike or car and full of like-minded individuals who want nothing but the best for their family and their community.  But in order to keep Upper Arlington positioned to thrive as the preeminent community in Central Ohio for the next 100 years, we need leadership that is civil, practical, thoughtful, reasonable and, most importantly, focused on the fundamentals that make Upper Arlington so special and unique to our families.  

Over the last four years, I have delivered on these fundamentals: (1) I have ensured the City stayed focused on repairing, replacing and improving our aging infrastructure, roads and parks. During my tenure on City Council, the City has produced structurally sound budgets while keeping our 10-year Capital Improvement Program updated and financed; (2) I have kept the City focused on thoughtful development for our commercial areas and have adopted sensible guidelines for our residential areas.  While these are never easy issues, and invoke the most passion from our residents, our proactive development program has diversified our business base to fund necessary capital improvement projects and our changes to the residential building code has helped ease the transition for the inevitable updating of our housing stock; and (3) With my fellow council members, I have helped bring civility back to our community and local government by both listening to our residents and acting in their best interests.  With all that has been going on at the federal and state levels, I think we can all stand behind a quiet, efficient local government that listens to our residents, focuses on what matters, and delivers results.

While I am proud for all that we have accomplished over the last four years, there is more to do.  It would be my honor to continue to lead this great community as your City Councilman for the next four years and not only deliver a local government that benefits us in the short term but one that strengthens the community’s foundation for future generations.

Please contact me at Brian@CloseForUACouncil.com if you would like to discuss issues that are important to you and remember to vote on November 2nd.

Brian Close